Club 23 Barcelona’s policy

Art.1 - Club 23 Barcelona will apply the following rules to its proper functioning Any reference shall take into account of the regulation / organic law 1/2002 of the right of association and applicable legality.  

Art.2 - Duration of the activity performed by the Club: indefinite.

Art.3 - Address: Rambla Catalunya 23, Principal 1era., 08007, Barcelona.

Art.4 - Territorial scope. Club 23 Barcelona through its own activity and agreements reached with other entities with a similar national and international social object, does not limit its territorial scope. 

Art.5 - Enhance and develop the meeting of its partners in the professional, personal, business and cultural field through activities and events organized by the Club.

Art.6 - Members are entitled to club facilities at the scheduled time, which can be modified depending on possible events.

1. In this case, members will be informed, within a minimum period of 48 hours in advance. 
2. Each member will have their rights proportional to his or her membership.
3. Preferential and professional Club members have the right to be consulted by the governing bodies of the club, for subjects that directly affect the social object of the Club.

Art.7- Members receive their identification codes and can be accompanied by a maximum of two people to the events they can attend.

1. Membership is not transferable.
2. Outside extraordinary events, members will be able to access the club accompanied by a person, who must be registered at the entrance.

Art.8 - Membership will be removed:

1. Voluntary resignation, will be entitled to the month in course correctly satisfied.
2. Insolvency of the current month.
3. By decision of the club whenever the member in question is deemed not to meet the requirements of these regulations.
4. By decision or change in the membership policy taken by the General Meeting.

Art.9 - Members shall comply at all times with the applicable rules of the club which holds the right of admission at all times reserved.

1. Good conduct and good governance are essential to recognise club members.
2. Satisfaction of subscription fees will be performed correctly and in advance.

Art.10 - The age of majority is required.

1. Complete application form for admission.
2. In the case of a corporate partner, identification of the position he holds in the company.
3. Within a maximum of 15 days, the interested members will be notified of their possible acceptance by the club’s board of directors.

Art.11 - Strictly prohibited access to the club in sporty attire or improper clothing.

Club 23 Barcelona. Rambla de Catalunya 23, 08007 Barcelona